Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass Informationen zur Wirkung und Anwendung der Wirkstoff-Kapseln nur für Fachkreise ( Ärzte und Apotheker) gegeben werden dürfen. Bitte wenden Sie sich hierzu direkt an die City Apotheke, Herrn Apotheker Stefan Heider.


As a pharmacy right in the center of the beautiful city Göttingen in the heart of Germany, we now serve our customers for more than 20 years.
Besides the regular tasks of providing health and beauty care, several years ago we started to expand our medicine portfolio to people outside Göttingen and even Germany.

One of those specialties is the manufacturing of LDN (low dose Naltrexone) drugs used for various treatments ranging from e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to fibromyalgia.
As the name implies, concentration of Naltrexone here is usually quite low and adapted to the patient, requiring custom-made medicine.
By relying on our long experience of making custom made recipes, we are able to offer individual doses and amounts of LDN (ranging from 0,2 to 5mg Naltrexone) manufactured under clean-room like environment (laminar flow boxes). So far, due to the requirements of our customers, we mostly provide capsule based treatments, but are also able to do the same as liquid.

One of the main challenges in manufacturing LDN is the use of Naltrexone as the basis for such drugs.
In Germany, the use of LDN in patient-tailored doses is not very popular; therefore, Naltrexone as raw material is rather uncommon. Here, a rare substance is meeting a rather low demand. Together with the limited shelf life and the fact that only low amounts of Naltrexone are needed anyway, stock keeping of the raw substance is not very economical for pharmacies in Germany. As a result, pills with 50mg Naltrexone are usually pestled to achieve the low amounts required for LDN medicine.

Being a pharmacy that is now specialized in providing LDN tailored medicine for more than 4 years, we use the raw Naltrexone to manufacture custom-made LDN drugs for our customers.
Due to the ever-increasing consumer demand, we make sure to have sufficient stock of raw material in-house, processing all orders on time and with highest accuracy.
As a summary, the benefits of using the City Apotheke Göttingen as a supplier for LDN drugs can be summarized as follow:

-    Usage of raw Naltrexone, enabling high accuracy dosages and low amounts of filling materials
-    Manufacturing in state-of-the-art laminar flow boxes (clean room like environment)
-    Fast and secure delivery  of LDN substances both as capsule and liquid
-    Worldwide shipping

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